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Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 2 w Stalowej Woli
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Fabrice Ryckebusch

My name is Fabrice Ryckebusch. I’m forty years old and I’m teaching history and geography at Lycee Saint-Exupery till 2005. I’m particularly interested in medieval and ecclesiastical history so Poland is a land of great interest for me as I can verify some personal intuitions about creation of dioceses during the Middle Ages (Sandomierz is, in that purpose, a very interesting case). When I don’t work on these questions – most of the time – I read as much as I can (novels, essays, history…) and I travel when I have money which is not so often as I would like since I spend too much money on books that I haven’t time to read…
Anyway, even if my English is basic, I will try to brush it up - I didn’t use it till my secondary studies a long time ago - and I will find time to work on our common project. For me, working with our polish colleagues will be a good experiment, a good way for us and for our students to become more open-minded and, maybe, more European.

Lloyd Bingham

My name is Lloyd Bingham, I’m 20 and come from Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Towards the end of my school years, I specialised in French and German as I love languages and travelling. At university in Newcastle, in the north east of England, I’m continuing to pursue my interest with French and German, but also picking up Spanish and Dutch. German has always been my stronger language, so for my Year Abroad, I chose to come to France to bring my level of French up to the same level as my German, by working as a language assistant at Lycée Saint-Exupéry in Blagnac, near Toulouse. I’m glad I made the decision, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to come to Poland. After this year, I’ll spend another year at university continuing with these languages, but also starting to learn Catalan! Apart from languages, travelling and other cultures, my main hobbies are cycling and swimming.

Remi Weissberg

My name is Remi Weissberg, I am 27 years old and I teach English at Saint Exupery high school in Blagnac near Toulouse. I lived in England for 4 years between 2001 and 2005, there and then I studied International Relations, first at BA level, then at MA level, at the University of Sussex, Brighton, England.
During my undergraduate studies, I specialised in theory in international relations and politics. My postgraduate MA thesis focused on how to apply Western management techniques in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on China. I recently had the opportunity to teach English for three months in a French high-school in Hanoi, Vietnam, the country where my father is originally from. My travels have taken me to 26 countries so far, and I plan to live and work in Asia in the future. This is the second time I am involved in the exchange between Stalowa Wola and Blagnac and I am delighted to see how all students are benefiting from such a great opportunity to discover a new culture and get a real sense of what being European actually means. On a more personal side, I love mountaineering and playing volley ball, I am also a big rugby fan and I often go and see our local team playing.

Claire Cumerlato


My full name is Claire Cumerlato. I was born on the 30th March of 1992. I am in a “Terminale S”, it’s a scientific class. Actually I chose this type of education because I love discovering new things: I am interested in EVERYTHING.
I am really tolerant; I can’t stay alone: I need to have people around me. My friends tell me that I am very friendly, funny, talkative; they often say that if they had to describe me in a few words, they would say that I am a very little (I am 1.57m) sun full of life, or an electric pile. I am a smiling girl, yes I love the life. Nonetheless I am also stubborn and I have always right (it is negative aspects of me).
I have a lot of hobbies. However my favourite are: dancing, horse-ridding, shopping, going to parties, staying with my friends. Indeed, I have practiced dancing for 11 years twice a week (I have practiced: classical, contemporary, modern and hip-hop dancing and now I practice only modern dancing). I am fond of horse-riding, I have my “Galop 4”, I practice it for 5 years, and unfortunately I don’t have my own horse. I am crazy about shopping I try to shop most I can. As I stayed higher, I can’t stay alone, I love staying with my friend anywhere, as we say in France: “The essential is to be together”, I hate doing nothing, I need to move. To finish with my hobbies, as the most part of teenager I love parties, going to dance hall, I can dance during all the night, yes I am a party-goer. Oh, I forgot an important hobby: listening to music, I don’t listen to a special kind of music, I am very open: I listen to rock, house music, rap, hip-hop, variety, reggae I even could listen to classical music; “music is life” as the “dicton” is saying. As for the music, I like every type of films; I am interested in going to the cinema. Finally, I love travelling, I have been to: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Sicilia, Turkey and the United-kingdom so it defers me to discover Poland.

Clément Bély

I’m a French boy student who’s seventeen years old. I lived in Blagnac, and I’ve got one brother and sister. Physically, I’m quite tall and I’ve got dark hair and brown eyes. I’m dynamic and sociable. This year I was elected class representative, it’s a meaning of discovering new thing, such the fact to have more responsibility and to be more in touch with the members of my class. Moreover, later I’ll work in the commerce field. I practised swimming for ten years. I usually have four entrainments a week, but this year I only practise it twice a week because this school year is very important to my future studies.
I really enjoy spending time with my friends. That’s why, I often do shopping and have party with us. I’m very interested in the discovering of a new country and I hope exchanges will do in a warm and enthusiastic way.

Marjorie Dugrand

My name is Marjorie Dugrand, I was born on January, 29th in Saint Martin d’Hères, which is a little village near the Alpes. I’m seventeen and I am in Terminale S, which means for scientist. I live in Cornebarrieu, near Toulouse, with my parents, my three sisters and my pets. There are always lots of people at home, what with my sisters’ friends, mine too, my brother-in-law…
I’m found of basketball, it’s almost an addiction for me, and I’ve been playing it since I’m eight years old, so this year is my tenth one. This year, I’ve also started to go to the swimming pool once a week with the high school. It’s really relaxing, that’s why I enjoy it. I like reading, there are lots of books in my bedroom, perhaps too much…But I can be interesting and when I’m with someone who hates reading, I can full well do without. I love animals, and I have two dogs, a beagle (Colombo’s dog) and one which looks like the hobo in the movie “Lady and the Tramp”. I like being with my friends, listening to pop rock music, going to the cinema, doing cakes…

Mathieu Autefage

Hi My name is Mathieu Autefage, I am 17 and I live near Toulouse.
I have an older sister, I study science and engineering.
I am in boarding school. I practice boxing, mountainbiking, ski and I pilot light planes.

Mathieu Bagatella

Hi polish students, My name is Mathieu Bagatella, i’m 17 and I’m french. I live in Blagnac which is a little city, famous for his airport, just near Toulouse. I live in a house with my parents and my little sister who as 10. I’m a boy tall and thin, my hair is dark and my eyes are greens. I get dressed with fashion clothes. I’m a smilling boy, I’m funny, nice and friendly. I’m very open-minded and I like meeting new people. I’m very determined and conscentious. I’m in my last year of secondary school. My favourite subjects at school are spanish and sports even if I’m in a scientific serie.
I like going out with friends, I enjoy listenning to music, I love watching famous films at tv and going to the cinema. I have played basket ball for 8 years but now i practise Karaté. Nonetheless I’m fond of all kind of sports. I’m crazy about Real Madrid, I always watch their match on tv. I like very much travelling and discover new countries, new cultures, new languages, that’s why I’m very exciting of going in Poland.

Maïwen Belkalem

Hi! I'm Maïwen Belkalem, I'm 17 years old. I live in Blagnac next Toulouse. I' ve got one little brother and a little sister (and a cute turtle!)
I practise piano cause I love music .I love cinema too. I enjoy dancing, and sports in general. I like being with my friends and go shopping with them. I'm sociable, talkative and funny. But sometimes I'm a little bit capricious. I love travelling and I'm looking forward to discover Polonia's culture and people!

Sarah Cotteverte

My name is Sarah, I’m seventeen years old. I have one sister, she‘s fifteen years old.
I’m very fond of animals, I have a dog name Cactus (it’s on the picture) and a cat Nawak.
I love horse and my favourites hobbies are horse ridding, volley ball, and playing beach volley.
I like listening music and be with my friends.

Guillaume Durand

My name is Guillaume Durand , I am 17 years old . I am going to present you a part of myself. I am in a “Terminale S” which is a scientific class. First, this is my mental description: I am friendly, a smiling-boy. I am not selfish at all, yes I love share something with people. I am an electric pile, I love moving; especially to go out with my friends the night to nightclub or bar for a very good time in fact I HATE doing nothing during my free time. I’m a person who like very laughing.
I like music (House and electro music) Then I love shopping and I try to shop most I can, I love Toulouse for it.
My principal hobby is Hand-ball, I have practiced it for 10 years indeed I am a sportive boy.
As the most of Toulousains I love rugby, my favorite team is Toulouse.
It defers me to meet you.

Mathilde Fernandez

Hello, my name’s Mathilde FERNANDEZ.
I like music, rock music. I play the piano and the bass guitar. I play music with friends during the holidays and sometimes during the weekends. I like juggling and circus arts. I juddle with 3 balls but I’m not really talented. I like going to the cinema, going out with my friends.
I like taking pictures, people or landscapes.

Chloé Herubel

Hi, I’m Chloé, I’m 17 years old, I live in Beauzelle. I like music. I listen to The Black Eyed Peas,Lilly Allen, Oasis, Muse, Jack Jonhson, franz Ferdinand, The Kooks , Coldplay, Gorillaz, David Guetta… I also love go out with my friends, have party, have fun with them, they probably are the most important person in my life. I love shopping, go to the cinema one of my favorite movie is Juno. And Very Bad Trip makes me laugh a lot.
I’m quite sociable and open minded. Maybe I’m a little shy when I meet someone but when I feel good, most confident I become very talkative.
I love travelling, for example I went to the USA, in California this summer it was very amazing! I visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles etc… If I could I really want to do it again! I practise classical dancing for 13 years but I’m not professional at all. I have a little brother who’s 12 and 2 cats. I’m happy to make this trip it will be great . Bye Seen you soon!

Sacha Fitzgerald

My name is Sacha Fitzgerald and I am seventeen years old. I am in my last High school year. I am in a boarding school from Monday to wenesday and to Thursday to Friday. On wenesdays, I go to an african dance courses wich I find quite nice! At the moment I am living with my parents and my little brother who is five years old. He is so cute and I love playing with him! When I have some free time I love going out with my friends and spend time laughing and talking with them or just go out and eat somewhere. Otherwize I like to walk around and look around me. If I can I would love to become a photograph reporter to discover differant countries and civilisations. I think it is important to show to the rest of the world what happens in other places. If it isn’t possible why not becoming an English teacher? I also love traveling and go in all different kind of countries, I think it is quite interesting. I appreciate to spend a bit of my time in a calm place and read or just dream to evacuate. I love holidays and I would like them to last longer beacause generally there is some sun. I do not really appreciate cold seasons beacause you get seek to quickly!

Lucile Sarthou

I’m Lucile. I’m 17 years old. I’m in ‘Terminale S’ which is a scientific section. So I do a lot of maths, chemistry and biology. I’m interested in everything. I love travelling to discovered other countries and civilizations. I went to Italy, Spain, Malta, England and America. I have played the piano for 11 years. Today I’m learning ‘Claire de Lune’ by Debussy. I would like to learn guitar. But I haven’t enough time. As the biggest part of teenagers, I love listening to music. Nonetheless I have a preference for pop & rock music. But I also like listening to classical French songs.
I have practised drama for 7 years. And to finish, I’m fond of taking photos. Everywhere I go, I take many photos. A lot of my friends say I’m a happy girl. I ‘m always laughing. That’s my principal trait. I’m talkative (like a lot of girl!) and determined. But I’m also faulty. For example, I’m moody and jealous. But faults makes the personality of each one!

Joris Pilastre

Hello, my name is Joris Pilastre, I’m 16 years old. Well, what can I say? I love meet my friends and have fun with them (like everyone I guess). I play badminton one or two times a week and sometimes football or basket ball with my friends. Next, concerning my savours ….
I love listening to pop, rock, and house music but I also listening to other type of music except RAP music… I hate this ^^. Next…. Hmmm I love playing video games (maybe a little bit too much ^^’). Unfortunately, with my time table I don’t have many time for me T_T (so many work to do…). I think that’s all. Oh yeah, I’ve got one dog and one cat so I hope you’re not allergic… .
Finally I’m asthmatic but it won’t be a problem (I hope ^^). Okay now it’s really over ^^ bye.

Melanie Kheirat

I my name is Melanie I’m 17 years old! I lived in cornebarrieu next to Toulouse; I have got two new pets a dog and a cat. My mun is doctor and my dad businessman. I ‘m a very talkative person! I like shooping and listen music, I like visited museum. I like going to night club during my free time i like visited my friends. I hate vegetables I like eat fast food. I haven’t any allergies. I like bowling going to the cinemas and everything like this! I learnt English for 7 years old I like speak English! I like higth school and my favourites subjects are math and history! I’m in economical and social section.

Helesbeux Tanguy

How to start this presentation?... hum, so my name is Tanguy I’m 17, I’m in an SI class (Engeneer’s Sciences). This year gonna be realy busy because of an overload timetable.
When I’m not at school it means that I’m at my basketball training or at home wasting time on Facebook and doing my homework.
I practice basketball twice a week and we also got matchs every week end. I like listening to music, usually pop or dance music, nonetheless I do not hate the other kind of music except musics like hard metal or thinqs like that. Some people told me that in Poland there will be lot of snow while we gonna be with you. I don’t know if it will be possible to ski, but skiing is one of my favorits sports. It would be funny to go skiing, we will see if it is possible with the trip program.

Delphine Gardes

My name is Delphine GARDES, I’m seventeen years old and I was born on August the 22th in 1992 in Toulouse. I live near the airport of Blagnac: it’s near Toulouse; we can see many airplanes in the sky in particular the A 380 which is build in Toulouse. I have one sister, her name is Justine and she is fourteen years old. Then, I like animals, I have one dog it is two months and its name is Eliot. I like music especially rock music. I love drawing, and watch or sometimes play rugby but only with my friends because I’m very bad, it’s why I support the Toulouse‘s team one of the best team in France and perhaps in Europe. I love travelling; I travelled particularly in Europe, during my last holidays I went in Ireland. I like going to the cinema and see my friends. I like reading too and play badminton. In winter I love skiing.

Julie Poitrimolt

My name’s Julie Poitrimolt. I’m 17 years old. I live in Beauzelle, next to Toulouse. I love reading (from intellectual book to someone less clever) & going to the cinema with my friends (I hate horror movies). I also listen to music (everything expect rap music & heavy metal). I do boxing every Wednesday. My friends are very important to me. I like doing some shopping and going out with them. I love travelling and discovering different cultures than mine. I thing I’m sociable but a lot of talkative =) I’m so very interesting in this exchange. I always spend my holidays with my family and especially with my cousins in the North of the France. Last summer, I worked with children in a day camp.

Paul Ratsimandresy

I live in France (what a surprise ^^) and study at St.Exupery High school. (I’m writing in 18 because I don’t have a lot of things to say). So, I like sport, especially basketball; football; handball; In the past, I did 7 years of basketball but today I just use my free time to go to cinema or play with my friends (well, actually, we’re not “playing” we just go outside to have fun…).
I practise also water-skiing and it’s great! I love listening to music too. In fact I can’t live without music ^^ I prefer rock-music like muse or oasis but I love old band too as ACDC and the Beatles (yeah I agree that’s completely different style but I love them). I love reading comics, manga, fantastic and science fiction novel my favourite manga is ‘love hina’ but my favourite book is ‘The Lord of the Ring’ (So original…=_= but Tolkien is just the best author of the world ^^) For information I’m not vegetarian neither allergic to any food. I love animals but I’m allergic to cat and dust. But no worry, I won’t die if you got one.

Julie Grandel

Hi! My name is Julie Granadel, I'm 17 years old. I like dancing and horse ridding. I play piano too, Chopin. I enjoy listen to music, all style but almost rock. I love watching movies, action, drama, psycologic, comic. Sometime I am sleepless. And I haven't other ideas.

Claire Lacombe

Hi, my name is Claire. Claire Lacombe. I will be 17 in 1 month. I'm very happy (exciting?) to go to Stalowa Wola to participate at this exchange. Indeed, I think it's a really good idea to discover an other country other culture and other people of course. I'm a teenager like the others who like music (especially pop rock music) go outh with her friends have parties ect.
I think I'm social, I like speaking to people and trying to understand each point of view. I'm not narrow minded but a bit stubborn. Well, that's so. oh, I forgot my hobbies which are reading, having fun with my friends (not original, isnt it?) and dancing in my bathroom (it was a joke).

Éléa Grammatico

Hi! My name's Éléa Grammatico and I'm 17. I am very talkative and sociable, curious and friendly. I'm clumsy (so protect your plates) stubborn, fussy for food, but easy going. I have got a turtle in my room and I like cats and others animals, except for snakes. I practice modern dance since 7 years and I also practice drama in the school with my boyfriend (who is in european section too). I love reading, classics above all, like "The dangerous liaisons" and I love cinema, cooking (I cook an awesome chocolate cake) or listen to rock music. Bands like Radiohead, Kings of leon, Placebo and Nirvana are my favourites. I don't smoke or drink alcohol at all. I live with my parents, my brother (7) and my sister (14) so I am use to live with other people at home.
I also like playing cards, poker above all! I'm interested in different cultures and I'm very excited about this trip!

Gréselle Valentin

Hello! My name's Gréselle Valentin, I'm 17 years old and I live in Blagnac with my mother. I'm pretty sociable and talkative, I hate injustice, nervous persons and people who make fun of somebody only to hurt him. I hope we can say that I've got a lot of humour but I'm kind of stubborn and lazy. I like movies like Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now, Alien, Matrix, The Blues Brothers, Forest Gump and most of all: Star Wars! I'm not one of these Nerd fans who are wearing the movie's costumes and everything but I love these movies since I'm 5, so don't mess up with Yoda! Na just kidding. I also listen to music (like everyone else) and my favorite bands are Radiohead, Daft Punk, Massive Attack and Zero Seven. Actually I also like House and Dance music that we mostly listen in parties (Be careful, I'm one hell of a dancer! (Well, I guess). I practice fencing, more precisely sword if you know a little about it and I like roller too. It's important to know that I love video games, I've got a PS3 at home plus a Macintosh (And yes, it is possible to play video games on these wonderful computers) Therefore, games like Warcraft, Call of Duty, Bioshock, Mirror's Edge and many others have no secrets for me (Maybe they have, but since these are secrets ...)
I've got a brother, who's 21 years old and lives in Nîmes, an other french city, and a sister who's 22 years old and who actually lives on a boat, since she's been working for the Club Med. They are not living with me and my mother because they are old enough to have their own lifes with their own places to live so you'll not see them at all. Another important thing is that my girlfriend is in the European class and she's coming in Poland too. I'd be really really happy to welcome one of yours at my house (Plus my mother knows one or two words of polish) and I'm very excited about travelling to Poland.

Vincent Fougerouse

My name is Vincent, I was born in Toulouse in 1992 which means. I am 17 years old. I practice rugby and occasionally rock climbing. I enjoy all kinds of music and love watching films, particularly comedies. I am looking forward to getting to know Poland and especially its people. I am bilingual because during three years I lived in the United States.

Sofia Ben Bahou

I practice track and field three times a week. I love playing football, I support PC Barcelona, “l’olympique de Daeseilie”. I like music, all music, Rock, Rap, Cuba’s music… I am joyful, I love the life, in France we say “Carpe Diem”, that’s why I pass my time with my friends. I like surfing on the web.